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Frequently Asked Questions

Build your dream home with our professional Design-Building team. We are working together to make your vision come true.
Building Planning

The Key to a Successful Custom Home Design and Build Project

A successful custom home design and build project relies heavily on collaboration and communication between the contractor and architect. Learn why hiring a design and build company with a proven track record of collaboration can save you time and money.

Efficient Budget and Time control

With our in-house professional engineers, working closely together with our designers, we are able to provide efficient engineering design that is feasible and cost effective. Including : 
  • Architectural Permit Drawing
  • Structural Permit Drawing
  • Mechanical (HVAC) Permit Drawing 
Together with additional drawings (grading plan) provided by sub-consultants who we are working with,  we can complete the permit submission with in weeks once the design concept is established.
The advantage of having in-house designers, engineers and construction managers is to provide you with up tp date cost estimation during the design and permitting process to keep the project within your budget.
Construction worker climbing

Construction Experince & Warranty

Construction become smoothly with our licensed construction team and professional construction manager. our cloud based construction management system can give you day to day update on the progress of the construction and visual of your home development in real time.

Nestwood home has full coverage of liability insurance and 1-2-7 Tarion new home insurance to ensure that you are cover when under the instance.

Custom Home Projects

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