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Calvin Ave

Introducing Calvin Ave, North York, an investor-owned property that epitomizes the perfect balance between cost efficiency and high aesthetic standards. This visionary project is designed to achieve a harmonious blend of modern architecture and clean interior finishes, catering to the discerning tastes of the contemporary homeowner.

Strategically crafted with a focus on optimal cost management, the exterior facade of this 3500 square feet property boasts a striking modern style, carefully crafted to exude elegance while adhering to budget constraints. The clever design of the facade creates an illusion of expansive windows, enhancing the overall appeal of the home, while employing traditional vinyl windows instead of pricier aluminum alternatives.

Toronto custom home design build project by Nestwood Home, Powered by Z Square Group. The image depicts a large, modern house featuring a mix of wood, glass, and either brick, concrete or stone in its exterior design. The house has a wooden front door and a multitude of large windows, designed to maximize natural light. A generously sized yard with well-manicured green grass and several trees surrounds the building, exuding a peaceful and tranquil atmosphere. A grey brick driveway leads up to the house, ending at a wide, wooden garage door that complements the wooden elements of the residence. A wooden fence is also noticeable in the vicinity of the property. The overall scene is bathed in a warm, sunlight glow.
Toronto custom home design build project by Nestwood Home, Powered by Z Square Group. The image depicts a well-lit, modern kitchen. The room is decorated predominantly in white, boasting a clean and minimalist design. Notable features of the kitchen include an island with a sink and surrounded by three white stools, providing ample seating space. The room is equipped with essential appliances such as a stove, oven, and refrigerator. The white cabinets and countertops add to the overall brightness and sparse look of the kitchen. The kitchen appears to be highlighted by a wooden floor, complementing the bright white theme of the surroundings.

The meticulously planned layout comprises a well-appointed living room, an inviting dining room, a functional preparation room, a sophisticated kitchen equipped with the latest appliances, a cozy family room, and a chic powder room on the ground floor. The open concept design on the ground floor is further accentuated by the inclusion of a double-height space foyer at the entrance area, adding an element of grandeur and sophistication.

Ascending to the second floor, residents are greeted by four spacious bedrooms, each boasting its own luxurious ensuite for unparalleled comfort and privacy. Additionally, a dedicated laundry room ensures convenience and efficiency for the modern household.

Toronto custom home design build project by Nestwood Home, Powered by Z Square Group. The image depicts a spacious and well-lit living room with high ceilings. The room features large windows that allow plenty of natural light to come in, lending a sense of airiness and brightness to the space. Furniture in the room includes a black couch, a dining table accompanied by chairs, and a central glass coffee table surrounded by additional chairs. The floor is covered with a light gray rug and the walls are painted white, contrasted by mostly black furnishings. The room is adorned with various pieces of art and several plants, adding a touch of elegance and fresh greenery to the modern living environment.
Toronto custom home design build project by Nestwood Home, Powered by Z Square Group. The image illustrates a spacious and bright living room with modern, minimalist decor. The room is filled with natural light streaming in from large windows. Its white walls augment the brightness of the room. Central to the living room is a white sofa, accompanied by two contrasting black chairs, arranged around a round coffee table. The style and color palette of the furniture contribute beautifully to the modern style of the room. The background may suggest a kitchen area, tying together an open-concept layout.
Toronto custom home design build project by Nestwood Home, Powered by Z Square Group. The image depicts a spacious and bright living room with a modern style and wooden floors. A large white sofa is centered in the room, placed atop a rug. Surrounding the sofa, there are multiple chairs located around the space. A round coffee table sits in the middle of the area, and a vase can be seen atop it. To the left of the sofa, a dining table is visible. The living room leads to an open kitchen, illuminated by natural light entering through a large window.

Encompassing a generous 3500 square feet, this property successfully realizes the investor's vision, delivering a premium living experience at a construction cost well within the $1000000 range. 

Completed in 2022, this exceptional property was swiftly sold by the owner at the highest price in the area for a property of similar size, testament to the exceptional quality and craftsmanship that define Calvin Ave. Embodying a contemporary lifestyle with an emphasis on cost-effective yet refined design, Calvin Ave stands as a beacon of modern living in the heart of North York, setting a new standard for sophisticated yet practical living spaces.

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