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We are your trusted all-in-one design-build partner specializing in Custom Homes, Multiplex and Garden Suite design and construction in Greater Toronto Ave. With over 30 in-house Architects, Engineers, Interior designers and Construction managers, we are able to provide professional design and quality construction with efficiency in both time and cost. 

1. No More Over Budget

With a fully inhouse team of architects, engineers, interior designers, cost estimator, construction manager, we work together to control the budget from day one.

Prior to the commencement of house design, we provide an initial construction estimate based on the client's preferences and the desired finishing standard of the house from our past experiences.

While our architects, engineers, and interior designers work on the design, our cost estimators continuously refine the budget at different stages of the design, enabling the client to maintain a clear understanding of cost variations throughout the entire design process. 

After the bidding process, if certain subcontracted items deviate from the budget, we conduct separate discussions with subcontractors to ensure cost reasonability and minimize discrepancies from the construction budget. Only when the construction bidding cost is fully approved by the client does the construction team proceed with the construction arrangements.

2. No More Coordination Add - Up

Efficiency - We do everything in-house.

Due to a highly disconnected professional market, architects, engineers, interior designers and builders work alone and this disrupts communication and problem-solving. To overcome these and inherent cost implications, we have created a product-driven work environment with inhouse architects, engineers, interior designers, cost estimator and construction managers. A dedicated project manager leads your weekly in-person and cloud-based coordination during construction to keep everything transparent and efficient.

3. No More Unknown Construction Schedule

Real - Time: our cloud-based App updates owner 24/7

In home construction, sub-trades often have overlapped job schedules and a small incidence could considerably delay your home. Waiting on one trade could create a chain delay effect. Hence, we manage all the trades through a cloud-based scheduling tool that updates schedules in real-time to enhance booking efficiency, material delivery and trade coordination.  The project schedule also comes as an accessible online calendar on our client portal.

4. No More Cookie - Cutter House

A company led by architects

The company was founded and is led by architects, whose professional character inherently rejects mundane and repetitive architecture. The initial purpose of the company's establishment was to build a full design-build team that, under controlled budgets, could create diverse architectural products catering to a broader audience, based on the demands and financial capabilities of different clients.

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Our project manager will contact you to arrange an online video conference or office meeting, during the meeting that you will be provided with initial information about the project, such as its zoning by-law feasibility, the permissible building area (GFA), project time frame, and preliminary construction estimate that suit your project.

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