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What is custom home?

Custom home design build refers to a comprehensive process where a homeowner works closely with a design-build firm or a custom home builder to create a personalized and unique home from the ground up. This approach allows homeowners to have significant input into the design, layout, and features of their new home, resulting in a residence that is tailored to their specific needs, preferences, and lifestyle.

Nestwood home 10 steps to build a custom house

1. Feasibility Study
  • Identify the government agencies related to land, include but not limited to municipal government, conservation authority, metrolink, heritage authority, etc.   

  • Collecting zoning-bylaw and planning information

  • Estimate proposed building area

  • Estimate timeline for both design phase and construction phase

  • Estimate construction cost based on the homeowner's requested housing standards

2. Architectural Schematic Design
  • Programing

  • Floor plans

  • Front facade rendering

3. Committee of Adjustment and Approval
  • Extra buildable area and building height to maximize home value

4. Building Permit (ARCH/STRUC/HVAC)
  • Architectural building permit

  • Structure building permit

  • Mechanical building permit

5. Interior Design
  • Design style exploration

  • Interior floor plan

  • Interior rendering 

  • Interior furniture plan

  • Interior ceiling and lighting plan

  • Interior cabinetry detail

  • Interior elevation

  • Interior finish material selection

  • Appliances selection

6. Cost Estimate
  • We will provide an accurate construction cost estimate based on the client approved architectural and interior design drawings

7. Value Engineering
  • We will optimize the construction cost estimate by adjusting the architectural or interior design details to ensure it falls within the owner's expected range.

8. Tender
  • More than 100 quality-assured construction subcontractors of various types, with whom we have long-term cooperation, will be invited to bid based on the tender requirements.

9. Construction Management
  • We manage all the trades through a cloud-based scheduling tool that updates schedules in real-time to enhance booking efficiency, material delivery and trade coordination.  The project schedule also comes as an accessible online calendar on our client portal.

10. Warranty
  • 1 year - All items

  • 2 years - All systems ( Insulation, Water barrier, HVAC, Plumbing, etc.)

  • 7 years - Structure


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